Jingle bells.....

Well, everybody knows, its that time of the year, Christmas is just round the corner, everybody is singing carols, making merry, eating merrily and putting on weight as well lol. Predictably, all the tv channels are also wearing a "Christmassy" air.

So, Dooby has been seeing her tv adnauseum and on Cbeebies they were showing how children decorate the tree, make cards, etc etc. Obviously our monkey immediately wanted a tree of her own to decorate. And Daddy dearest instantly obliged :). They both happily decorated the said tree, put on the stars, baubles, gifts etc, when D realised there was a beeg problem!"You forgot the Santa Daddy!It definitely is a beeg problem isnt it, because after all, for a kid Santa is the most important part of Christmas, I guess for adults too, lol. Anyway, they finished up with a promise from Daddy that a Santa would be in place asap, not to worry. The whole picture was complete, only after D sang "Jingle Bells, although:)

On another note, today, our maid brought her 2 year old grandchild with her. As all maid's kids are, this one was also shy and refused to leave her grandma's side. D was obviously very "upset" as she says, because the kid just wouldnt come play with her. She was immediately declared to be "yucky" (yes, thats her favourite word these days :( ).So I told her to speak to the child in Tamil, because she was getting intimidated by D's English. D tried hard in her broken Tamil, but, in vain.

After a while, the kid finally deigned to play ball with Dooby. So, after playing with her for some time, Dooby comes up to me and says:

"Mamma, now she understands English!!!! lol"