The weekend that was.........

Well, I have been dying to share this with everyone I know....this weekend was the bestest!!!!!
and obviously so, since it was spent at The Courtyard by Marriot, nothing less!! LOL.
Well, lemme tell you guys, how it all, my hubby didnt fall in love with me again and decide to celebrate it here....but he definitely gave me a fabulous surprise.....:), it so happens that his company patronises The Marriot so often that they decided it was time to appropriately thank the person responsible for so much cheer....R;and thats how me, Dooby and R landed up at The Marriot, chauffeur driven on Saturday afternoon and life was simply groovy till Sunday evening :)
We were courteously checked in to a simply lovely room and told to simply chill out till 4pm, which is when they were going to take us, with another 19 families on a guided tour of their property. This was an exercise on their part to familiarise their customers with the front and more importantly, the back of the hotel;they wanted to let us in the secret of what goes on behind closed doors in a five star hotel....
We simply chilled out, as per instructions, it was super to do just nothing but loll around in a sexy, comfy bed, order lunch and just sit back and flip channels on the TV, an activity that I have not had the pleasure to indulge in for the longest time, as the few people who visit this blog know, I have 2 kids, the MIL and the kid:);between them, it is next to impossible to watch anything, even the little toes on your feet, which by the way, I anyway cant see these days, what with the 3rd kid showing its presence more than adequately, lol:)

After pigging out on lunch, Dooby decided to sleep, much to my dismay(for the first time, I was displeased, normally I am counting the chores I want to finish when she finally goes to la la land), for I was so looking forward to the tour, this was a chance to revisit some long forgotten memories of an aborted career in the hotel business. Well, I turned into a mean mamma and actually woke her up, yes I did, meanie that I am LOL and took her with us, much against her will, madmoiselle wanted to laze around in the room itself and was even willing to loll it out alone, if we allowed her!!!!
We had a lovely, detailed, tour of the hotel and its back areas, complete with a cookery demo, in which yours truly, even tried her hand at cooking some pasta in their signature restaurant. I was so nostalgic about ever so many little things, like cooling off after a spat in the deep freeze,or washing dishes in the stewarding section alone for a month or changing bed linen for 30 rooms per day! I subjected poor R to all this nostalgia and he very gamely listened to me non stop!

I was a bit exhausted at the end of this tour, because we must have walked and walked and climbed 2 storeys as well and nowadays this is enough to start off the back pain. So, when at 7 pm, they finally showed us where we would meet up again in 30 mins for dinner, I was relieved:), I just wanted to rest my back for a while:) Oh ya, at this point, they also gave R a gift, very sweet of them, but I could never figure out why they gave him a night suit with a big logo of their hotel, bang in front lol!

So we retired to our rooms to refresh and change for the evening;I just lay down for a while and then off we went, to enjoy the evening! We thought that we were in for just dinner, but we found out there were games as well, Dooby got to play musical chairs and the adults played Tambola, me for the first time and I was lucky to win a complimentary buffet for 2 in their coffee shop:) R enjoyed the cocktail session, he nursed his fav drink for the evening, I couldnt:( thanks to the baby, well never mind, next time!
After dinner, Dooby and me had a looong and leisurely bath in the tub, another indulgence after a very long time:), R joined us at the fag end and then we all tumbled into bed, a happy and exhausted bunch;we didnt stir till 8 am:). I got up like clockwork by 6 am, was thrilled to remember that I had no responsibilities for the day and doubly thrilled to crawl into the covers for a lazy loll with the newspapers till 8am!, another precious indulgence!and oh, I even put the TV on and was channel surfing along with the newspapers!I thought to myself, this was heaven!lol, wish I could do just this more often, not the five star part, just the part where I can sometimes have the luxury of sitting back and not doing a thing!lol!
I sat around in my gown till late afternoon, Dooby sat in the bath tub from morn till noon, even singing all her songs while in the tub:), R lolled around in Bed and read the paper, we ordered in some breakfast at some point and then finally, reluctantly packed our stuff and went down for the brunch that they have every Sunday. Dooby got to enjoy in a jumping castle and got a lovely balloon in the shape of a dog, R and I sat over brunch from noon till four, R enjoyed his beer through the afternoon and then decided that we could have a good nap and check out at 7 pm!Lol I was thrilled, because I didnt want to step out of this dream for a while:), so we went up for the last few hours of true freedom, R slept and I sat and watched TV like there was no tomorrow, because there really isnt!lol!
Then, finally, at 6:30 pm, after a cup or two of coffee, some pizza for Dooby , we reluctantly bigdgoodbye to our brief but memorable vacation and got ourselves dropped home:(. Dooby was obviously sad to go home and kept asking me why we had to go home:) I was sorely tempted to say that thats what I was thinking too, child:);Luckily she slept off on the way, else she would have been cranky the whole evening because home would pale after all the excitement:)
So, folks thats was it, my brief escape from rela life, not that it sucks big time, but the sheer sense of freedom, the thrill of just being a family of three for atleast 2 days, the thrill of not having to be accountable for anything at all is just heady and since I knew that my chances of having such lapses in reality are few and far in between, I savoured it till the last minute!

Why I took so long to tell you guys was, cut to the next day, R ended up with a very bad toothache and I was up all night nursing his tooth, then the brief time I had on the net was spent in writing out a nice thank you letter to the Gm, who was so friendly and casual, that I had a hard time believing he was the Gm, seeing as how I was so used to the arrogant, superficial Gms of my days in the hotel world!Super glad to see things have changed a lot and thrilled to see that the change was for the better!

There's more to tell, lots of unconnected stuff, thoughts, bits and pieces, but wanna put this up, before it goes stale in my mind:) and sound stale for others to read as well!Gotta go now, dooby's calling, hunger pangs, it seems!

*Photos on the way, please wait :)


  1. i just have one question...can i please have your husbands job?..please?
    You finally got some respite, much needed i guess....Hotels are fun for short stay ,no?

  2. well, he hates it, most of the time, it seems:), so I guess you can go ahead and have it:), for a few days now, although I havent heard any complaints, must be the Marriot effect, lol, although, from what I read, you seem to have a good thing going for yourself:), I have been dying forever to have a job in PR or media, but am stuck in a secretarial position, first thanks to circumstances (divorce and single parenthood) and now thats what they want to offer me, bec thats what they can see on my CV, boohoo:)
    You bet...the sheer freedom of being alone was great....dont get me wrong, I dont hate my MIL, but I am the type of person, who usually likes a lot of space, maybe more than others need and I am just not used to having someone radically different from me live with me and share my life, a bit too much than I like, at times:)

  3. Maybe you should go away on more weekends if you can make it! A break once in a while is exactly what you need for a recharged you. Right? :-)

  4. Niv, you don't need to explain. I have a fantastic MIL. She is an ex banker , and so is my FIL. But i don't think i'll survive for long if i live with them...

    It has nothing to do with them,we have matured as individuals with a very disctinct personality and need that space. So do they. It is just that. More so when you have experienced that freedom and have come back to this life.
    You hang on there girl...

  5. hey thanks, pal for understanding me so well, I sometimes suffer from guilt pangs, when I feel I just want time outs:);its nice to see other ppl feel the same way too, I am relieved, makes me feel a bit normal:)

  6. Yup, Nitya, wish I could do this more often:), it really seems to help:)


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