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So Dooby loves the concept of explaining the size of things by categorizing them into mummy, daddy, sister and baby (oh, ya according to the size of her family, LOL, ofcourse, shes going by height, if she went by width, Mummy would be biggest, LOL), but guess what, even her Potty is not spared from size description....theres mummy potty, baby get the drift, Yeck!!!!

Today, she said, Mummy you must come tomorrow in Saree and drop me to school, talk about being fashion conscious at this tender age!!!! Tch, tch, today's consumerist kids!!!

Do they put some magic into the Maggi Noodles????, I had to threaten to throw the packet to get Madmoiselle to eat her lunch today, this after a few ego tantrums, over not being given noodles for lunch???Besides being a serial addict, shes turned into a noodle addict also, LOL. On a different note, I am going to sue all the kiddy channels, you take so much effort to get the kid to give up her ego and eat humble pie and then you find them showing the Maggi ad, just then!Talk about timing!!!!!
Today has been one of the busiest days, in terms of logistics!Early morning, I rushed with the MIL to the clinic to get her fasting blood sugar checked, then rushed back, R had the kid all ready after breakfast, got her dressed up in a jiffy, ran off to her school, dropped her, came back had breakfast, made lunch, rushed again with Mil for PP sugar, rushed back and rushed to the kid's school, just in time to pick her up!!!Whew! All in a bid to save R's Saturday, LOL:), hmmm, the things you do due to one silly emotion, Love!Sigh!
Nothing else to say for now, will go and make the "celebrated Maggi Noodles" for Dooby!Shes letting me do this post on the condition that I will make it for her after this!!!The bargains you need to clinch, LOL. Shes presently clutching the packet close to her chest, for fear that I may change my mind, Hitler that I am!LOL


  1. I don't know if this is generalizing , but most of my friends with kids the same age have gone through his potty/ pee/ poo obsession. I thought this was more with boys though.

    See....this is what happens when you do "bathroom reading"* insert evil grin*

    You seem to have a very hectic far away is the due date?.

  2. LO,, then I seem to have a very boyish girl!Well, she is quite tomboyish:), is obsessed with "the" parts of the body and is very interested, just like boys are, or so I have heard, dunno, since I havent seen many boys grow up;going to be clueless if I have one now:)
    Yup very hectic schedule, didnt add the park routine to this list. I take this tomboy to the park in the evenings everyday, to burn out her excess energy:)
    The eating tussle also wears me out quite a bit, with the result that I am beginning to feel that she was good at daycare:):), jus kidding:)
    I am actually due on May 22, but the doctor has threatened to cut me up in the first week of May, so I guess I am 5 weeks away:), the first one was a caesarean, thats why I am fated to be cut up again, Sob!


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