A long update

Well, I started my blog a week ago, with sincere resolutions of blogging, ahem, twice a day and all that and this was on Feb 27th!Well, it helps to think that February has only 28 days, so technically I have been away for lesser number of days, but still!!!
Anyway, let me draw up an update:)
1. Changed Dooby's school from Parent Choice to Vael's Billabong, was super nervous about this, considering I was changing from a very free environment to a proper school;thought I would have the toughest time ever, but kids as usual amaze you, she has almost settled down in 3 days flat;ofcourse the first day had me reviewing all my decisions and cursing myself and all that, but now things seem to be going just fine!One could say that its because theres a whole lot of new stuff, as in, new uniform, ne shoes, bag et all:)( you know todays consumerist kids). Well, "they" all say, that you could have a problem when the novelty wears off, so lets just cross our fingers and wait anxiously!
2. Saw Delhi-6 over the past weekend;an interesting film, but chaotic, very sharp editing, my sis says; the four femme fatales went for this one, as in Mom, Sis, kid and me:);Not as great as I expected and a bit confusing; seems as though the director didnt know what he wanted to show us, plus it looks like a travelogue on Delhi-6. Sonam Kapoor has to work REALLY hard on her acting and as well as body language, she doesnt know where to stop, so overdoes everything, guess she will learn in time, however, not a patch on her Dad!
3. Spent the weekend at my Mom's place, had a lovely time, ate some nice fish curry and fry, admired the house (she just shifted, wanted to take photos, but couldnt, will do next time and put them up here for you all to see:);bought a name plate for her from Creations;she spent a bomb on some awesome curtains, will show all in the fotos I promise to take, soon.
4. Am on Maternity leave from March, so just getting used to being a housewife again, enjoying it for the moment, lets see how I feel a month from now:), and oh, who said, being at home was relaxing?????, I am constantly on a schedule! Plus two kids need my undivided attention now, one my mil and the other, Dooby:)

Although it seemed like I have been upto a lot, when I put it down, it seems woefully less:)

Want to leave you all with a thought that occured to me, when I was filling Dooby's school diary. I was filling in her name, her parent's name, etc, you know, the usual stuff, one has in a school diary and I found myself about to write my mother's name, her phone number, my birthdate and all! I had to consciously stop myself from doing that, not once, but 3 times! This had me thinking for a bit; me came up with a really profound thought:), trust me to come up with such heavy stuff, with such a common place thing:), that wherever we go, however faraway, in terms of grey hair or physical distance, we remain our parent's child!
What do you all think! *Hope someone read this blog and atleast one person, other then family, tells me what they think*


  1. Hi dear, I was thinking of writing to you for sometime but things at work you know how they are.

    Happy to know that dooby has adjusted well to the new school. Looks like mam is having a great time. will call you over the weekend.

  2. came here from stray-gray...
    actually, your name is the name of a special friend in college...
    so peeped in to see who you were...

    oh, i agree -- doesnt really seem to sink in that we are mothers, yet.. right?
    know the feeling

  3. Some part of us just refuse to believe that we are kids no longer. There are days when i want to bawl " Mummmmeee"...
    And ditto on consumerist kids too. How old is dooby?

  4. Dooby will be 5 years old in June. Hey I am so happy to see people really read my blog and that too, so early on:)thanks for giving me some motivation:) to continue writing. Ya, I know the feeling:)there are days when I want nobody:), does that happen to you?


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