The last 20....

Scene: I was driving back from dropping Dooby in school, when suddenly I was hit by a wave of extreme hunger....knew I was hungry before leaving, but thought I could come back and breakfast.... bad decision...ended up puking bile while sitting on a bike...yeck!!!Thankfully, I was able to stop my bike and then empty my empty insides.... realised I was ravenous (damn slow on the uptake, you may say, but anyway) and knew I wouldnt last till I got home and made breakfast, so decided I would have to fill myself with something, not that the baby wasnt taking up all available space... but you get it.... thats when a worse thought dawned on me, if things could get any worse... I remembered rather belatedly that I had not withdrawn any money and had also forgotten to flick some from R's purse,(do you guys do this lol);these cards nowadays help you roam around without one naya aana in your purse, because they even work in teashops sometimes!!!!
So, this thought led to some desperate rummaging in my handbag and after some sweat and cursing self, I blessed my naughty imp for doing something that I usually hate;going through my purse and pulling out money lol (I dont mind going thru R's purse and pulling out money, although:)double standards lol);this time her mischief helped her mommy;little Dooby had pulled out 20 bucks at some point and put in one of the numerous flaps of my handbag!!! And so, thanks to my baby, I was able to have some tender coconut water.
I know, I know, this post will mean a lot of lectures from you folks on how I should be more organized and how I shouldnt neglect eating food on time and the likes, which is why I didnt breathe a word of this occurence to my better half or to my mom lol, I need to save my skin, you see!
On a related note, have you folks ever "chanced upon" a hundred rupee note in some purse of yours, while spring cleaning?This one applies only to women, I guess, because as far as I know, only women change their purses and bags very often and routinely manage to forget something very important in the older bag, lol:), atleast I am guilty of this, which is obvious, seeing as how I am capable of roaming around with an empty purse, lol But, anyway, not to digress, I have often "suddenly" found money in one of my purses and the sheer thrill and happiness of "finding" some "extra" money all of a sudden can only be likened to suddenly getting a day off at school/work/college, because somebody popped it, or as in Chennai, when it rains a lot due to "depression in the Bay of Bengal"(usually, the weatherman always gets it wrong, they give a day off, just when the sun is out,lol)
I get a big high on such stuff, such as finding extra money, or suddenly finding that I have a day off, getting a freebie, like a short stay at a five star hotel (okay, okay, I get it, wont keep showing off, lol)
Tell me, do you all feel the same way, has it happened to you, or do I have such pleasure, simply because I am hopelessly forgetful and disorganised:); Another aside, do you all like bags with numerous zips, or is it just my mom and now me?


  1. LOL! Yes, I like a few zips not too many, then I'd lose them all. My mom's BIG on zips and bags. But honestly, how much fun it is to discover stuff that you thought was lost no? :)


  2. Hey, welcome to the ramblings, I deign to actually call a blog! LOL.
    Yours is cool, was reading thru a bit, havent read it fully, but will do so now:)
    My mom is BIG on zips too:). Oh yes, it is simply super to chance upon something you thought was lost forever! Guess it is one of the singular benefits of being disorganised:)

  3. Boo hooo..i left a comment here yesterday..whattappenedtothat?

  4. I leave money on various pockets and folds, in the hope that i find them on a rainy day....and yes bags with lots of hiding places too.
    And why are you still on a two wheeler? isn't it time you came off it? And oh, carry some enery bars in your bags always..they come handy in such situations:-)

    PS: What are your thoughts on husbands who pinch from wife's purse?? Just asking.

  5. In love with your life:Hey, your comment never appeared and I was wondering how you had nothing to say about all this:)
    Thrilled to find a buddy in you:) we seem to match on all the above:)
    As far as hubby's pinching from wife's purse, it will simply not happen, because as far as I know, we generally keep a really sharp eye on the money part, considering the amount we haggle for bargains and all that, plus by the time he figures out which bag I am currently using, it will be too late lol:) Tell you men have it tough:)lol
    What are your thoughts on it?
    Yes yes mam, will get off bike in another week, Dooby's school is closing on April 9th, after that no chuttalls :(


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