Daddy and Dooby

For starters, if at all anybody ever reads this blog, :)for their info, Dooby is my daughter's pet name, dont ask why, she is actually called Meghana, but my mom kept this silly name when she was a tiny tot and it just somehow stuck!
To come back to the the point, me thinks, girls will always be dippy on their Dads:) (exception: me and my sis)
To establish this point, let me tell you what happened this morning;as usual, the mad morning rush was in full swing, me running helter skelter from one room to the other, well nowadays the "running" has reduced to an ugly waddle(thanks to being 7 months preggie), R languidly(as usual, such a contrast to my behaviour), lighting up a fag;Dooby was picking out her shoes to wear; she has a shoe fetish, like her Dad, has a mini shoe shop, but wont tire of buying a few more, at the first chance. She took out yet another "pink" pair (she has a fixation with that colour these days, the way shes going, she will want her hair to turn pink too:) and then proceeded to ask the first question of the day( a zillion more would follow by the end of the day:)
She asked her dear Daddy " Daddy, why is your shoe the biggest?"
Daddy (chuckles and says): Because I am an old man, Kullus (thats his nickname for her, after all, Daddy has to have an original name for his pet fan)
Promptly his darling pet says, " No Daddy, you are not an old man, (MIL,observing the proceedings, preens with a ear- to- ear smile, after all, "Daddy" is her son!!), R asks, so then what am I, Kullus, adoring pet says, "You are a big Boy!!!"
Talk about tutoring your "chela" to give just the right ego boost, first thing in the morning! I should take notes:), if this little one kicking me inside is a boy, I am going to tutor him to be my chela:), as someone said, Boys will always be mamma's pets!!!!


  1. Keep praying that this one's a boy...andyes, they do a preference for mama's as i can see:-)


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