The Sparrow's nest

So me and the hubby have been hosting a pair of would be parents.... just one small clarification... they are sparrows :).
Yes we were done with pigeons, saw a family or two shape up from scratch and then fly away... this time we spotted a cute quaint sparrow couple building their nest from scratch on top of the utility cupboard in our balcony :). transfixed, yep we were transfixed to first see our childhood companion, its so hard to see the "commonplace" sparrow these days and whats more, a couple building their nest!!! Boy, we were so enchanted!!I even shared this good news with anyone who would be willing to listen :)

Bit by bit, they both painstakingly built their nest of grass blades. They both would untiringly fly back and forth, bringing a blade of grass with them. Soon enough, we had a cozy home up there on the cupboard. A week or two later, we woke up to the cute chirping sound of the little ones!!! We felt like proud grandparents!

One time, the mother even made a bad landing at the bottom of our balcony... like anxious grandparents, we ran down and picked her up...... all was well....  until this morning, I am not sure how one sparrow (not sure if its a baby) landed really low for my dog, Shadow to pounce on :(:(:(.
Unfortunately, I caught him at it too late :(.... I tried really hard to save it, by giving it a drink of water, putting turmeric on the wound, but in vain :(:(:(
Me and the kids were so sad.... and I scolded Shadow roundly and gave him a whack... he looked sad and puzzled, because he couldn't figure out what he had done wrong....

As I went on, raving and ranting at him, my older one stunned me with some wisdom, only a kid can share...
Here goes...
"Mummy, why are you punishing Shadow?
" He hurt the bird and killed it!!
" But Mummy, even we kill and eat chicken, so we should correct ourselves first and then him!" She even proceeded to tell me a story about Gandhiji and how we should emulate him!

Obviously I decided to shut my gob, what can I say in the face of such wisdom!