And we have picked up the pieces and moved on!

Sighh, and it took a flood for me to pop in here again after two years!!! Well, in part it was because I started working..... and in most parts because I didnt make the effort...ahem.

Well, I am sure we all have stored away our own images and memories of the natural cum man made disaster that took over Chennai for a week.... but my "lessons to be learnt" from all this mayhem were:
1. Nature is king and ahem "Amma" is Queen... both together wreaked havoc...
2. Our body was designed for so much hard work and all we do is to move the mouse.... and then we complain about overweight, diabetes and so on...
3. How to store food without a fridge and consume it before it gets spoiled.
4. How "less is indeed more"; so many people lost everything.... this thought is a nice wake up call when tempted to pick up something we "need".
And the rest I will learn in Part 2.... yup all kinds of dire predictions floating around with different date combinations... lets hope the rains dont keep up their date with us!

Meanwhile do read this article from the Hindu.. pretty much summed up my thoughts ....

See ya!!

edited to add:
1. Certain stickers were suddenly unpopular....
2.For a week there, the roof top, to be more precise the top of the water tank was the "hotspot". Most of us were seen perched up there, waving our phones desperately, hoping to "catch" the signal somehow. Long queues were found only up there, as ahem the rest of the whole city was under water :)


  1. Look who is back! Glad you survived the flood and don't be a stranger

    1. Hey!! You have always been my source of encouragement! No matter how many times I disappear, you are there waiting to cheer me up whenever I make a return :)

      Thanks a lot! :)


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