The most thoughtful lemon

So Dooby's school asked us to send a bag with a list of veggies and Rs.50/-....

Dooby was very excited, obviously:). Early morning, she made a list;I told her I wanted potatoes and tomatoes;told her to add her favorite veggies, i.e. carrot and cucumber and then very virtuously added Spinach to the list.Like any other parent, I wanted the teachers to be impressed with her list:):)

She came back in the evening, very excited and happy.Obviously, she started arranging everything one by one, potatoes, tomatoes, carrot, cucumber and then, she took one lemon out and told me, "Ma, I tried to hard to think of everything and then I suddenly remembered,she turned around and gave it to Bittu, saying, you love lemon juice, dont you, I bought it for you"!!!

Needless to say, I was so touched;now I know that your heart really does burst with pride:):)

Often, I worry about the number of fights they both have, sometimes they say such horrible things to each other, Bittu is at that really trying age, she really does try D's patience, so sometimes I worry about all this;but going forward, whenever I start thinking this way, I shall always think about this little lemon :):)


  1. Hi nivi iniya tamil puthandu valthukal:)

  2. Hi Revathy!Wish you the same!Do I know you, outside of the webworld?


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