So happy he forgot...

our wedding anniversary!For a fifth year in a row! Because he forgot, he felt so bad,I got flowers and a really lovely card! It was a lovely day, almost felt like my first wedding anniversary! Maybe you are wondering why am I happy that he forgot;well its because otherwise, R doesnt believe in celebrations of any kind and in five years, this is the first time I got roses!!! I had become so accustomed to treating my anniversary like an average day, that I was really elated! Just had to record it for posterity:) In other news, another event I just have to record here is that Miss Bittu has finally started having medicines!!!! Well, I am sure you cant really gauge the magnitude of this announcement, but as parents we really do:).I really cannot describe the joy I had in throwing away an empty bottle of antibiotic:) And I give full credit to a new paedriatician I found close to my house.


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