Rip van winkle woke up!

So, I am back!!!!!! Its been so long, that believe it or not, my own posts seem funny and witty to me! (Ya, I know,we all are ahem, very proud of our own handiwork, but I am not trying to fish for compliments here:) Well, what kept me away so long, you ask?Nothing phenomenal, though I must say some phenomenal things have happened in these 2 years that I have been away, like my lil sis getting married,I started a business or two, mil had a brain haemhorrage,though, I cannot take refuge under these events and blame them for my absence.Just one word and that is laziness, or probably just one more, since I have never been a woman of few words, we can safely add boredom as well:) So what brought me back?I closed down my business, automatically, I began to actually register and record my kids' antics once again and a wish to put them down somewhere for me to wistfully read and laugh,started this ramble here:) Lets hope I am here for good this time, having a laptop makes me feel more hopeful that I will hang around this time :) Now that I have wiped the "dust" off, lemme catch up with what everyone else has been writing:)


  1. ooo! welcome back! Been waiting around!

  2. How sweet!Thank you Vini!Does wonders for my ego!:)


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