My train is running late by one and half hours..

therefore, I am just rushing through the day, trying hard to finish everything. My mind seems to be running faster than my feet. 
I was so rushed this morning that while I was doing something, my mind was already in the next chore.But I just kept on until a sudden jolt made me stop.
I kept a pan on the gas to finish off  a dish and then I decided to give the girls a bath. And a few minutes, rushed out of the bathroom, only to be enveloped in smoke!
I ran to the kitchen and found that the pan was on fire!Thankfully, I didnt sprinkle water, I just closed it with a lid.
Ofcourse, in the rush, Bittu who was sitting on the pot and holding on to me also fell off. She didnt get hurt though, thank God.

I then finished whatever was left and dropped them off at school and then drove slowly back, just going over all the events, trying hard to figure out where I went wrong. Then I just decided to sit down in the building lawn. I knew that there were many other chores waiting for me at home and if I went back, I just wouldnt let my mind slow down. At first, it was really hard, then I could literally feel my mind slowing down, somewhat like a merri go round, slowly coming to a stop.Finally, the fog cleared and I could actually hear and appreciate the birds chirping; I finally noticed the gardener and the sweeper looking at me strangely:). They are so unused to seeing anyone sitting around seemingly doing nothing in the lawn in the morning hours:). Then, of course  I followed it up with a call to my friend, philosopher and guide, no not my hubby, my mom:) and then all was well in my world.

Ofcourse, moral of this somewhat long story is I need to get up an hour and half earlier for my train to be on time, every time:), plus I need to eat a few more of those almonds:)

As an aside, have you ever noticed that we all seem to get to work/school and back, almost on auto pilot?I have often reached home and almost wondered how I got there, because all the time that I was on the road, I was deep in thought.

Hmmm....looks like my mind really needs some reworking:) and some R and R. lol

See ya!


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