Happiness in a bag

Well, I have always been like this;when I write, I keep writing and then poof I disappear:)

 So please bear with my verbal diarrohea, I will settle down to decent level of posting in a bit:) 

 So Bittu was collecting her toys to take to the park as usual...
 B :Mummy there is sad and there is happiness, yummy yummy happiness:)

Me: Is it? 
 B: Yes mummy and then shows me her bag and says, "you want to see happiness? See, its in this bag:) 

Life is so simple, straight and uncomplicated for a child:). A bag of toys is happiness:) 

Wish we were also able to see yummy happiness in simple pleasures:)
and I also wish it were really possible to capture it in a bag! It would sell like hot cakes:):)


  1. You have the answer in your post - you want to capture and sell the happiness and Bittu is not worried about selling it like cakes or whatever - adults add success to everything in life and we successfully screw it up
    Yeah wants to go back to being a kid doesn't it?

    1. You are right vini:)but I just meant it as a joke:)
      I truly believe that happiness is in your mind and is completely in your hand.If you really want to be happy, you will, no matter what happens around you:)
      As the Brahmakumaris put it, you are the creator of your thoughts and emotions, nobody else can make you happy or otherwise,because it is a state of mind and you are in charge of your mind, noone else:)


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