Visual thinking...

So mom told me about this great visual yoga, which helps your child visualise things better, helps improve memory and all that.

Artwork is equal to punishment for D.So Mom told me to try out this new technique;

D:Try and imagine a pink rose....

A few mins later;So, what do you see?

Mom, shes not very big, shes small...

Me:Very impressed;not bad, shes getting there, shes even able to think of the size...

Oh wow, so how big is this rose, sweetie?

Mom, shes in Ukg, as big as me, you know that!!!! much for visual thinking!!!, ask her to think of a rose and she thinks of her classmate!!

On another note, we are off to Pune!Yes finally, the D day has come, D's countdown is over, we are leaving for our Christmas vacation tomorrow:)

Happy hols everyone!See you next year! cliched, I know:), dont beat me:)


  1. :).. so is her classmate atleast named rose??? :P.. very j.. of the trip tho hope ma makes it there and back anxiety-free :)

  2. just lost interest, as usual:), plus got busy with starting a business or 2, baking etc:):)


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