Feline and canine.....

The difference between a cat and a dog...ofcourse there are many;

I recently befriended a cat and her one meal is now spoken for;

This morning I saw her perched on the wall and I called out to her...she lazily just surveyed me from her perch and languidly sauntered off....

I just pet my neighbour's dog whenever I see him;thats it.Now, even if he hears my voice in the vicinity, he yelps and jumps and wags his tail as though his life depended on it!

Sighhh, I tried hard to like a cat, but I still LOVE dogs.Period.


  1. - Like somebody said "The problem with cats is that they get the exact same look on their face whether they see a moth or an axe-murderer."
    - A cat is a cat and a dog a dog
    - I've had my piece of life with both and I love them equally :)
    - A dog for his loyalty :D
    - A cat for her individuality :b

  2. so going from your qoute only, what is individualistic?:)
    the same look for everyone:)

  3. My mom always said - sons are like cats - their love is there but as long as they are feed they never bother to look at you but daughters are like dogs - they will be behind you wagging their tails and will raise a ruckus if you ignore them. She also compares the teen years as cat years when the teens go on an ignoring the parents spree

    I actually like both cats and dogs

  4. Vini:
    Sterling and bang on observation!Couldnt have put it more accurately:)
    Please tell your mom!

  5. Love both cats n dogs... actually puppies n kittens are way way better :D

  6. Dogs are better. Even though the meow can melt me, I prefer the faithful dog too. :)

  7. Love dogs because they are faithful


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