A runaway case!

So this morning, a mom dropped her daughter, who studies in ninth Standard at her school (incidentally,my mom is the Principal in said school);en route, they have had a tiff over something...

Cut to 12 noon:Her classmates tell mom that they saw her in the morning, but she didnt attend school!So where did she disappear?

5pm: They found her;apparently she just "ran away" because she was angry!!!!

A few moons ago, my mom's servant's daughter drank liquid bleach and tried to attempt suicide;why?
Because she fought with her friend!!!!!

We live in troubled times....todays generation seems to be very fickle, superficial and most of all very selfish!

I mean, I have read several instances where kids commit suicide due to parental pressure for good grades and thats really cruel;but this is really so ridiculous!

They just dont seem to care about their parents!Such drastic measures for such frivolous reasons!

If this is the picture of the entire generation, I shudder to think of how my kids would shape up, by the time they reach their teens!


  1. OMG.. I am always scared about handling this ..

  2. I just hope and pray they realize life is not so cheap :( :(

  3. - Sheeshhh!
    - can't figure out how these kids get the guts to do such things...running away..drinking bleach..self infliction...scaryyyyy :O
    - am still scared to do anything that would upset my parents
    - ..and dead scared to put myself in pain :)
    - our kids should be fine...we pray don't we :D

  4. heard abt this today... ppl put so much energy and effort into bringing up kids.. i guess if they (the kids)dont see how difficult it is they dont realize that they need to appreciate it...

    pic of the pulao is ore yum... can virtually taste it...


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