Its just not fair....

you will have to agree...
After an age (read 2years), I finally? decide to look after my no dont think up some nice facial and the works;I buy a simple face wash and start earnestly....
2 days into this earnest activity and I have a big pimple!!!!

What should I infer?
a. the face wash sucks
b. I have gone back to my teenage(well, that would be nice:)

P.S: Its the bday cake I have been stuffing myself with lol


  1. - ROFL..can't help it :D
    - This happens to me too :)
    - I got this neem face wash, read the instructions thrice,tried it just once before 'the occasion' (I usually try hard to look like I am always well groomed ;b)
    - The next morning I look like this :.( this one jus shot up right on my nose....
    - And the 4rth face wash finds its place in the do-not-use shelf with the rest :D
    - I guess we need to keep trying Niv for Mr.Right Face wash....maybe our skin is too sensitive ;D

  2. Ahem I believe that a pimple is a lucky charm ;) ;)

    And u said cake - I so wanna hv a bite nw :P

  3. @gayathri:chalo atleast I have company!


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