Hup one two three...

So as part of my beauty (coff, coff) routine, I even started exercising.

Today is Bakreid, so D is at home....

I start going through the drill and...

"Mom, do it like this..throws up her arms and then starts 1,2, 3 and STOP;now sit down and when I dont oblige, "You must listen to your sports teacher"!!!

Well, I am suitably scared of my "new" sports teacher!


  1. wow.. the flowers are gorgeous!! :) and congratulations on all the exercising...

  2. Ha ha ha! I like ur sports teacher ;)

  3. - Pretty flowers..and so many :)
    - Pretty scary sports teacher...and so cute :D

  4. thank you:)
    you bet:0
    really scary:)

  5. Can you share your sports teacher with me? I need to get moving! and good luck sticking to the regime and you can DO it!

    Love the hibiscus! Wish I lived somewhere warmer and with a big yard

  6. for sure vini lol
    can send u a taped version:)

  7. lol... I recollect Adi sitting on my tummy when I tried to do push ups.. that is the day I gave up exercising (after all we (I) needed a convincing excuse)...

    hibiscus look very prettyyy...


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