Hear ye hear ye!

Let it be recorded that Miss Bittu chose this auspicious day to finally add on the humble and healthy idli to her otherwise unhealthy diet of maggi multigrain noodles, vanilla ice cream and gems!!!

Last seen, her mom was giggling and twirling around the room, such was the extent of delirious happiness!!! (well, relief is more like it;I had begun to resign myself to the fact that my daughter was a Chinese last life!)


  1. Wow! That def. needs to be recorded :) Yay Bittu :)

  2. Big achievement! Congrats and here is to more healthy eating for Bittu!

  3. :) hehe. Hugss. I can imagine ur enthusiasm :)
    Wishing u many such happy moments.

  4. oh wow!! goody!!

    btw.. has she tried M&M s ? tehy are wayyyyyy better than gems :P

    only kidding...


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