So what made me believe in God again.....

No nothing catastrophic happened, please dont get anxious....

I wont call myself an atheist;just a reluctant believer, as in, I have been brought up to believe in God. Mind you, I dont belong to an overly religious family;what I mean is, I do go to the temple and say my prayers and all that, but I am pretty sceptical, if you tell me that xyz is a wrong day to buy a new car;xyz time is a bad time, as in yamaghandam, rahu kaalam and the works. Same goes for dog howls= someone's death and all that.
Of late, I had begun to question the wisdom of not entering the temple when one has their menstrual periods, the wisdom of offering one's hair in exchange for one's wish being granted, considering a crow your ancestor;giving crow food is fine, but having a bath before making food for the crow, sheesh, the crow is MUCH dirtier than you and has probably just made a meal of something totally unspeakable!

Anyway, to come to the point, last night, Bittu woke up and began to itch;guess something bit her, it sounds very mild, but she was just not able to stop and this went on for an hour, yes an hour, no exaggeration here. I tried tons of cream, bowls of oil, powder, etc, name it;it just wouldnt stop. She was just not able to go back to sleep.
I didnt know what to do, for if any medicine could be given, I could do that only the next morning;till then, what.Desperately, I began to walk up and down, with her cradled in my arms,hoping that she would somehow fall asleep, but in vain.

Finally, not knowing what else to do, I prayed that I would do a Tulaabhaaram (weighing a commodity in equal to the person's weight) in Guruvayoor with yam, which is an itchy vegetable. A minute later, she seemed to laugh in her sleep and she just went to sleep!It just stopped!just like that!

Then and there, my faith was restored....of course, this morning, I did wonder if it was just a coincidence and that she just went to sleep...

*exits* before my mom and sis read this and start telling me"I told you so"


  1. - wait...
    - I am telling you so....;b
    - read this for my opinion on religion...
    - Its the faith that matters always :)

  2. yes, that happened to me once.. my son had a problem that got resolved in one minute after my mother did the nazar utaaarna on him.. really.. mah faith was restored too :-)

  3. dont worry... me is not going to say i told you so...
    at the cost of sounding preachy... i knew you would realize your very own equation with God...

    didn't know it would be quite so easy tho...:)

  4. welcome to this space, HDWK!
    Me thinks its more the person's postivie energy, I mean your mom's when she did it:)
    ok, I am being skeptical again:):)

  5. I am glad Bittu settled down for the night. With regards to faith/religion/God my views are equally questionable. But you know I wish I could have a "miracle" like yours. I have tried it and it has not worked

  6. well Vini, my views still remain pretty much the same:) and I am convinced that it wont work for everything:(. All the same, it was just so amazing, because I sent up a prayer and it seemed as though God really heard me:)
    Try it for small things and see, I am sure it will work:):)


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