So today D goes on her 1 st school picnic.....

Me: D, please listen to your teacher, hold her hand or your friend's hand, don't cross the road alone, don't leave your lunch box get the drift;I was being the typical anxious mom.

D: dutifully (for a change)says yes to everything....

I continue my drone, adding that she should not touch any animals (they are going to a small animal park), that they may bite...etc etc

D: But, mom they are no tigers there!!!!

Sigh!Why do they grow up!!


  1. - Why do they grow up while we remain
    - the hyper-anxious parent :D
    - Reminds me of the times when my Acha/MIL advices M and me to stay away from water at the beach/backwaters!!!!!!!! :b

  2. Well you are officially diagnosed with the overly concerned parent syndrome and it will last all your life and beyond.

    I remember my 70+ yr grandpa asking my 40+ mom with 2 grownup kids if she remembered to brush her teeth before having tea one morning ;)

    And guess what a little soap will clean out all the germs so try not to worry too much about touching animals and lost lunch boxes ;)

  3. LOL. Hope she had a good picnic.
    Love your header!

  4. thank you Nitya!
    Yes she did and no nothing bit:)
    After all, as she said, there were no tigers, only poor harmless pigeons and rabbits:)


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