A Saptathi

It was my neighbour's mother-in-law's seventieth birthday. Being malayalis, they held a "Narayaneeyam" in their home. For those who dont know, like I didnt, "Narayaneeyam" is the story of Lord Krishna.Lots of women get together and narrate the story in the form of songs. A pujari was also present, he was generally in charge of things.

It was all very beautiful and grand;everyone was dressed in traditional Malayali attire;in cream and gold. Everyone took the birthday girl's blessings and gave her gifts. A grand lunch followed thereafter, with 2 payasams, which is considered really grand in Malluland.

All done, we said our byes and thank yous and left. We were just taking the hop, skip and jump to our house, when D asks "Mamma, when will that Ammamma's birthday start?"

Guess she couldnt understand a birthday without a cake et all:)


  1. Gosh! you are back with a bang! Blogging everyday! Good for you! Btw, I agree with D - birthdays without cake are boring even at 70

  2. yup:)

    show us some pics of your garden as well, pls

  3. he he.. guess wat i read the tilte as a"sapathi" and when i read the entry i was like huh?? what gives... didnt know about this narayaneeyam biznz.. sounds really nice...


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