Pretend or real?

For the past two days, D has been intermittently complaining of a stomach ache..

The problem is, shes very good at making up things;like the stomach ache vanishes the moment we ask her not to eat a burger lol.

But, then soon enough, it returns... and shes looks so genuine when she says it, I am having a hard time figuring it out!

Well, atleast she can try her luck at acting, if she doesnt get her ABC:)

By the way, did anyone of you fake things when you were kids?Like stuff an onion under your palm, so it would look like you have fever?Or stomach ache, like D, which is a bit more foolproof:)

Do your kids make up stuff?Come on, spill the beans!


  1. thats a nice blog you've got :) do hop by mine sometime :)

  2. would love to, Sugar, but I am unable to remember your url and your profile is inaccessible.

  3. Stomach ache - yes yes, me too :P When I hd to go to school ;)
    And my folks never let go an opportunity to speak abt it anytime and everytime they meet someone from the husband's side! baah!


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