A new pet

I was totally floored after seeing my neighbour's goat, yes, you are reading right and yes his duck, yes DUCK. I never ever knew that it was possible for a goat to be so affectionate, loving and playful!Why, he actually wags his tail,like a dog! And whats more, both the goat and duck even respond to their names when called!

Ofcourse, D wanted to touch them all;my neighbour even had some boring dogs, yes dogs seem commonplace after seeing a goat and duck:);and ofcourse, she wanted to keep a goat, duck and dog for a pet lol;after all, she wants to become a farmer when she grows up, so its not very surprising.

Felt really guilty for eating mutton after that...made a resolution not to, henceforth. I called my mom to ooh and aah over it all and guess what, she was totally unfazed, says that her mom had a lot of pet chickens and they too responded to their name!

Conclusion? Looks like I will have to turn into a vegetarian, at this rate!!!!:(


  1. pic is pretty awesome.. me needs to pull up socks and do something for vijayadashmi tom :)

  2. Goats are great! We had neighbors with goats, cows, hens, turkey and rabbits. I tried vegging it out a few times and failed. Right now I eat only chicken but I have plans to give it up in the next 2 years - my big 3-0 resolution is to be a vegetarian

  3. Woww! Thatz so nice :) Never knew that abt goats :)

  4. me too! I didnt know that they could be so docile and loving!

  5. - yeah goats are pretty cool r'nt they
    - wanted to have a pet goat/chicken/duck
    - put away because
    - * we have cats around the house which were hungry always!
    - * we have a lawn and wanted it to remain that way
    - * we dreaded the combination of goat droppings and an inquisitive toddler ;)


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