Most often, you act indifferent.....

you try to prove you dont care,
Each time you get a chance, you try to pull it down by a few pegs,
Half a chance and you would jump to be anywhere else but here...

And then, at times like these, you just cant ignore the strong urge to belong, to feel the deep be an Indian!

Completely bowled over after watching the fag end of the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth games!


  1. so true :)... hum indians ki fitrath hain.. that we somehow manage to pull off a good show.. despite all odds and projections :)

  2. oh good lord.. i thought the tomato was some gem stone.. it looks awesome.. me is so very proud !!!!!

  3. :) :) Happy abt it :)
    Woww! I luv home grown veggies. Cn I drop in for some rice and steaming rasam pls :P

  4. Anytime, Swaram!Please drop in, whenever you come to Chennai!
    And ya, even I simply love the thought of being able to pluck something right off a tree!


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