The knot...

How superstitious are you about the wedding knot?
Who's very particular about always wearing their mangalsutra/thali?
Do you believe something terrible will happen if you remove it?
Please describe the kind of wedding knot you wear;do you tend to remove it often to wear jewellery that matches your attire?

Why? I am planning to change mine to a maharashtrian kind....and yes i hardly have mine on.


  1. I do wear the traditional Kannada style one what I got made during the wedding, not bcoz I am superstitious or something, but bcoz I hv never felt I wanted to remove it while wearing other jewellery etc..
    I dnt wear any jewellery when I am @ home though, including my mangalya :)

  2. oh I keep removing it, because I find silver and gold dont match.
    but I have met quite a few ppl who feel that you should never remove it.

    suddenly I have taken a great fancy to the maharashtrian type.
    Btw, how does the Kannada style look like?

  3. I do not wear mine. I have a all-gold Tamil one. I find it heavy and uncomfy. I wear it when I am in India though especially at my inlaws place but if my inlaws visit me I do not wear it. Never at my home. Mine sleeps in my bank safe deposit box. I really think I do not need a chain around my neck to remind me that I am married or that it will protect me from harm. It is just another piece of jewelry. I wear it with big paatu sarees as it adds to the jewelry I wear but that again happens when I am in India and at a wedding.

    I think the Kannada style is similar to Maharashtrian one - black small beads (karugamani). I want a similar one with a diamond pendant and it is more a piece of jewelry than a thali kind of thing.

    Hope that answers all your questions

  4. @vini: my sentiments exactly:)
    bang on, in almost the same words....we should get along well:);even the diamond part:)

  5. @Niv - diamonds - a girl can dream on right? Shoot me an email if you see some designs you might pick!

    Anywayz good luck with the new one

  6. sure thing!I am planning to pick up one in Pune:)


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