A glorious weekend

Mom's face was a sight to behold, when she opened the door and found me standing outside:)
Yes I decided to be Santa in advance and gave my mom a surprise by suddenly going there for the weekend:)

And what followed was heavy duty shopping, exhibition hopping, hogging big time,so much so that I put on a kg :)

Had a whale of a time, just didn't want to come back, kids also had a blast, bittu spent all her time playing with mom's dog and messing with all of mom's curios and D spent the whole time watching forbidden cartoon channels lol:)

Sigh!Why should good things come to an end so soon!!sighhhhhhhhh


  1. - Great :)
    - Actually Nivs Its better this way
    - When you have each other around always 24/7 we don't seem to do anything together!!!
    - Its happening with me and my mom :(


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