Finally made it!

I finally managed to make really soft dahi vadas!Yippee!
So thrilled that I decided to show off with a pic on my header lol

This particular dish has been eluding me for ever so long;each time I have made it, something or the other went wrong...

Do you all also have such culinary victories?Something that you kept making and finally got it right?

Come on, tell!


  1. pic looks awesome..very yummy.. :( :(.... me want....

  2. thank thank you:) but noone is telling me about their victories!

  3. - Yummmm!
    - As for culinary not the culinary type :)
    - I cook to biriyani might not be the traditional stuff but 'eatable':b and is different each time I make it :D
    - BTW congrats on ur dahi vada gal :)

  4. Yummo yum! Recipe!! I give up in the kitchen. If something does not work - I never do it again. I may do it after a couple of years but not earlier. My belief, too many recipes to try and if one does not work dump it!

  5. Ohhhh! Did you have to make me drool with that header???!!!


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