Express Avenue Mall

Yes, thats where I have been!I really really wanted to see this mall, the newest landmark in Chennai, on Whites Road.

So Mom and I spent the day there. It was baby's day out too, she was so thrilled to have so much space to walk around, so many lights and so many colors:).

And yes, she takes after my mom, she has all the makings of a shopaholic!lol. She wanted to walk into literally every shop in the mall!
My fusspot deigned to eat a banana in the mall;looks like I will have to visit a mall to get her to eat some food!Today's kids, I tell ya, so difficult to please!

Both of us were really looking forward to eat in the new Rajasthani restaurant,a franchisee from Bombay, called Rajdhani.

It was so worth the trip!Simply yummy authentic Rajasthani food, typical Gujju ambience;they even had an old fashioned jug and bowl for washing hands at the table before eating.Sorely missed D, she was at school;ofcourse thats why I went, didnt want to handle two children for a change:). Its strange, though, you think you want a break and then when you do take one, you miss having the kids around:)

Made a promise to definitely take her along and go again;its a good excuse to go again, rite lol. Had a lovely lunch, albeit a little rushed, because towards the end, miss Bittu got very cranky and started protesting loudly;she wanted to keep roaming around:)

Rounded it off with a BIG cup of cappucino and mom and I were officially in bliss:. The cherry on top was the whirlwind tour of Big Bazaar;like typical shoppers, we wistfully wished that we had gone there first, because there were so many bargains there;on the flip side, I guess it was good we didnt go there in the beginning, we would have blown a hole in our pockets:). Felt a little better about leaving D behind,after buying a small "surprise" for D.
And oh yes, Mom and I literally drooled over the boutique type clothes at a new shop called "Global Desi". Simply beeyootiful kurtis and leggings;had to literally drag my mom out of the place;she finally decided that we both would treat ourselves to one set in honour of the Pune trip;i.e come back and shop:)

So, as is obvious, we had a whale of a time, was nice to have a whole day with my Mom, alone, usually there are people around and somehow its not the same:).

Waiting impatiently to do it all over again!


  1. Wow - a new mall to burn a whole in the wallet! Is this anything like the Citicenter? The kurti place sounds great - I am sending my mom there - may be I will get new kurtis too.

    Big Bazaar is a necessary evil

    What did D get?

  2. Its way better than Citicenter!Citicenter is very small compared to this one!
    And the foodcourt, man, youll freak out:)

    and Global Desi has a website:

    Maybe you can buy online!:)
    D- I got her some bangles, earrings, etc, all girlie stuff

  3. oh? i heard abt this so much... really want to go there...
    enjoy the fun :)
    pune? i love the city!!!

  4. oh you live in Chennai too?
    I was brought up in Pune, so too many memories, just waiting for Dec!

  5. - next time u decide on express mall let me know will'ya ?
    - I'll come there with kid and mom as well :)
    - how r the rates at globaldesi?

  6. aha, so you will meet me, only if I tempt you with shopping, huh???:):)

    quite reasonable, Gayatri and you are working, so it should be really reasonable:):)

    ya, why not meet up, all three generations, on both sides:), will let you know:)


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