After a rollicking time at the Besantnagar beach, on the way back:

So, Dooby, lets go home and finish your homework, rite?

Big time negotiator asks cautiously, whats the time now Mamma?

8'o' clock...
Okay Mamma, I will do homework at 6:30, ok?

Now if it were possible for me also to make dinner at 6:30, it would be great!

Both of us watching "Khatron ke Khiladi" (Desi version of Fear factor)

D, madly cheers the contestants, "Come on come on, you can do it"

And then turns around, with the most solemn expression on her face:

She waggles her pointer finger and says"Mamma, dont try all this, ok, its very dangerous"

Thank God she didn't say she wanted to try it out!In the back of my mind, I always worry that someday my kids will grow up and insist that they want to do bungee jumping or some such equally dangerous thing.


  1. Lol! but be prepared for adventure! She just warned you not to try anything but never said she will not do it!

  2. me is loving your postings... i think like wine you ve become fantastic after the century :P

  3. @Vini:Guess that was the catch!

    @Anindita:Thank you thank you!With all this praise, I dont think I will need wine to float away!


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