Dooby 's Hindi

After running down to touch the neighbourhood dog, D excitedly came back and told me

"Mom, I spoke to that uncle (the nepali chap who walks the dog) in Hindi!

Since D doesn't know a word of Hindi, I was obviously curious.

D:I said "Chod do, Chod do"

Well, atleast she has learnt the most dramatic ones first, lol.


  1. haha...where did she pick that up from?

  2. i love the header...dahi wada aye? i thought it was dahi puri or something? dilli ishtyle :P

  3. thank you thank you:)
    must be from Tv yaar:) where else!
    where do you live in Chennai?Maybe we can meet up:)

  4. Ha ha She is learning well :) :)

  5. - Faintly remember every hindi movie I watched made in the 70's,80's & 90's had to have this line :b
    - :D


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