Yep this blog hasnt died...yet

Ya, Ya I know, I keep doing this, but then I think everyone has been amply warned in the past...I get bored of everything pretty soon....yep R is lucky, hasnt been castaway....yet lol.

So what did I do last summer?Technically, its still summer in Chennai, folks who know will telly you that winter in Chennai is just a "cool" summer!

May sound exceedingly unbelievable, but I went through 2 schools, for D. Guess either I am a fuss pot, or schools have lost their standard, depends on the point of view :)

Brought in D's 6th birthday, had a propah kiddy birthday party for the first time, ,yep, sounds strange, but yes, till this year, she didnt have any friends, mainly, because of the places we lived in. Had a blast, ofcourse, R took care of all the cleaning up, organising, etc, pretty much everything, all I had to do was to bark orders:) lol, isnt that reason enough to call it a blast!!!

Celebrated my 33rd birthday, hihgpoint was that I got a new dining table as a beeday gift from Mum, afterall, only your mum would know what you want...hubbies are always clueless,sigh! Ofcourse, before we all collectively write him off, lemme save the scene by informing all that I got a box full of kurtis and a wonderfully ego boosting card early nit e morning:) (yep, he says these nice things, only once a year)

Hmmmm, what else did I do?a whole lot of inconsequential things, so before I bore myself enough to disappear again for 3-4 months, lemme put a fullstop!


  1. Welcome back! Belated Birthday wishes to you and the lil one!

  2. Wishing u and D a very very happy birthday :)
    Welcome bk :) :)


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