So what do you think?

Should you make your child sleep alone in another room?If so, at what age?
And if you do, then what are the benefits?(besides, some time for "fun" lol)

Much as I would like to believe that I am this modern, fashionable parent, in this particular aspect, I am terribly old fashioned. I am unable to even think of having my children sleep in another room;what if Gabbar Singh comes in the nite and takes away my babies!!!!! lol. I can atleast give it a thought after D becomes TEN years old, but making a 1.5 yr old toddler sleep by herself;theres no point even trying that out;R would be sleeping at her feet:so whats the whole point:)

Anyway, please tell me what you think.


  1. I slept in another room from when I ws 5 me thinks :P Oh with grandparents from 3-5 (since Sis ws born)
    Lemme ask Mom if she pushed me away even before lol ;)

  2. you didnt feel J?
    D is already telling me that I only sleep with baby, not her,btw this is when 3 of us are one bed,just that I am sleeping on one end and she on another!!!

  3. If we hadn't moved to B'lore, I did have moved Arjun to his own bed - in our room.
    I never imagined I did be sleeping with a 5 year old in my bed - especially one that kicks and is on the move all night. :-)
    But Arjun is still a terrible sleeper so moving him to a different room is something that is not on the immediate agenda.
    I have friends though whose children sleep on their own from the time they were born and in a different room from the time they were a year. And no hassles from parents or kids!!!!!

  4. And D's artwork is super cool! Awesome job.

  5. Hey you.. read your post in mail.. didnt come to the blog actually.. cant believe our kutti is so big that she actually made these on her own :)
    Its all symmetrical even :)...feel bad im missing out on it :(

  6. Okie - one of the first rules I had was kuttyma always sleeps in her own crib. I never relaxed the rule. From day 1 she slept in her crib (or thotil) always alone but in the same room as us. When she was around 8-9 months we started realizing she was a poor sleeper. She will not be hungry but still wake up every 2-3 hrs. Her dr. suggested that we put her alone in the room as she suspected that the sounds we make during the night were disturbing her. So when kuttyma turned 9 months she started sleeping alone in her crib and continues. I have no idea when I slept alone. I guess around 5 or 6 as I have memories of sleeping alone.

    And to a paranoid mom a great tool is a monitor. I do not have a video one but an audio one works great - you can hear every whimper so even when I have doors closed I can sleep without worry. In fact the baby monitor is one of the greatest baby gifts I received.

    Love the art work

  7. thank you everyone for for generously appreciating D's artwork:)

    @Nitya:both my children sleep alone, as in by them selves, but not in a separate room. Somehow, closing my door and having them sleep in another room is something I am just not able to adjust to.
    Vini: Ya, even I have and had the rule that babies must sleep in their cradle from the beginning, but in another room;thats something I find really hard to do, even if I had a monitor!Call it one of my quirks:)
    But how does it make it better for them to sleep in another room?Just want to know what I am missing out on:)

  8. Well better in the sense - at this age I feel kuttyma sleeps a little deeper. If we are in the same room, the small sounds we make going to bed, tossing around disturbs her - she is a very light sleeper so being away works. And a separate room is only scary in the beginning. The first month or so I slept with doors to both rooms open, then I closed kuttyma's door so that she does not get disturbed with some music I play and we have reached a comfort zone now. In other ways is it good or bad I have no idea. I grew up with a separate room and at times shared with my bro, with my grandparents but I always had something to call my room so I guess kuttyma will get it too


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