Life is strange.....

Sometimes, you wonder what was the greater purpose of knowing a person....

and sometimes you wonder why it took so long for you to become friends with a person you knew for 3 years of your life!

I rediscovered an old acquaintance of mine through the blog;we studied in college for 3 years but never became good friends and now after so many years, when we did make the effort, we wondered why it didnt happen years ago!

Anyway, as they say, better late than never, right!


  1. I know what you mean! I have been through exactly the same thing. But enjoy what you have and as you say - better late than never

  2. Hv been in this situation quite a few times :)
    I know some of my school friends better nw ;) May be we matured with age :P :P

  3. Hey, where do my comments keep disappearing to???

  4. @Nitya: dunno!Never knew so many folks were interested in reading my stuff!

    Great inspiration indeed!


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