Lets hope and pray all will be well soon

R's colleague's 14 year old son suddenly developed acute jaundice and went into a coma a few days ago. After trying in vain in several leading hospitals in Mumbai, his parents brought him by air ambulance to Chennai, where an emergency liver transplant operation is being performed as I type this.

Yes, it all sounds very grim and bleak, but the silver lining in this cloud is that the whole family has come forward with open hands to help;folks have literally landed from all over the world with hard cash, yes cash to help;the boy's mother's employer RPG Cellular, deserves special mention;when the air ambulance would not accept a cheque as payment, they came forward instantaneously and immediately settled a whopping bill of 5lacs!The boy's aunt immediately volunteered to donate a part of her liver;however they were lucky to get a donor from a cadaver soon enough.Blood donors are waiting in line at the hospital.

Very often, when you read about all sorts of disturbing, depressing news in the paper, you wonder where all the good people went to. Then, something like this happens and you begin to hope,albeit a bit hesitantly that the world is not such a bad place after all.

While I feel certain that God will not let us down,especially when so many people are working to make it happen, I thought more the merrier is always better,so lets all join and pray for Prateek.


  1. God bless the boy and God bless all such gud ppl too! My sincere wishes and prayers with Prateek and his family!

  2. It somehow restores faith in the world to see good people around. Prayers and wishes going to Prateek and his family


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