Just in divine bliss right now.....

already planning what to pack, where to go, what to Eat:);R just booked tickets for me, mom and the kids;we get to spend our winter hols in Pune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats where I was almost since I landed on the face of this earth and thats where I was till I turned sixteen!

My aunt stays there now;I cant even begin to tell you what all I am excited about now:), I am so full of absolute nirmal anand!

Oh and I would love to pretend that I didnt notice, but since I started blogging only because I saw I was just a few posts shy of a century, obviously, its impossible for me not to remember that, when I do touch 100!lol

Now, I hope I stick around for a while and dont lose steam , just because I completed 100 posts!


  1. Here is to a great trip, good food, creating lots of memories and 100 posts

  2. - have a nice time :)
    - 100 Blogs...wow!..cheers :D

  3. thank you, thank you,
    @gayathri: I think you live in Chennai rite, why not meet up and call it ahem a "blogger's meet"

  4. Congratulations :) and cheers to many more centuries!
    U sooo make me wanna plan a trip to hometown now. Happy Journey and have a gr8 time :)

  5. Thank you!Go ahead and plan, where is your home town?

  6. - Why Not :D
    - would love to :)
    - a bloggers meet it would be coff coff :b
    - mail me girlie...buzzgks@yahoo.com


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