Does Aamir uncle also do susu before he goes to bed????

Yup, post 3 idiots, Aaamir Uncle is my daughter's role model;

So, he is the benchmark for EVERYTHING, from writing with her left hand, to visiting the loo before going to bed every nite :)

Wonder what Aamir uncle would say!lol


  1. Wow! But it's easier for u to get things done too :P Say Aamir Uncle does it this way ;)

  2. You bet, I use Aamir Uncle' name wholesale, for just about anything!
    But even I hadnt thought it could be used for this purpose:)

  3. - Hmm must get my son another role model :b..hez stuck with Mr.Bean!!!!!!!!
    - There were times when parents were role models
    - Phew! Can't imagine M or me being one in this birth ...:)

  4. Tell me about it, Gayathri!
    I tried so hard to convince D to keep writing with her left hand(suddenly she wants to write with her right, because others are)
    I told her that she would be like her Mamma, special, but no, she couldnt care less;
    It was special only when I fibbed that Aamir Uncle also writes with his left hand!

  5. hey you.. your posts are really super.. me is loving the two-liners.. and D of course obliges with outstanding one-liners of her own :)
    btw aamir khan IS left handed.. just so you know :P

  6. thank you thank, Nits:)
    and its great news, he is left handed, huh?I knew all ahem great people are left handed*coffCoff*

  7. the things mothers have to resort to to get what they want!this is jus the cutest one anyway!


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