Twin pleasures.....

Guess what?From the time I hit my teens, I have been overweight. The scale steadily weighed more and more as time ticked away......I never thought I would lose enough weight for anyone to notice.....till finally in my 30s, I have managed the unbelievable (atleast for me)! Two women actually asked ME for tips on weight loss!!!!!!Cant tell you what divine pleasure this brings!

And the second one, you ask?My old neighbour and house owner has always been very fond of children, but was childless...until today she gave me the great news that she has conceived!Seeing anyone preggie always made me thrilled, but this one obviously makes me super thrilled, because its been long awaited!

And on this super happy note, see you all the next time!


  1. Woww! Congrats to ur neighbour. Thatz sweet news :)
    And congrats to u too :)

  2. i'd feel the same way too if some one asked me for weight loss tips.. not sure if this will happen though.. time to celebrate with another icecream, i think..

    congrats to ur neighbour too..

  3. Way to go on your weight loss. Now if only I lose that baby weight I will be happy! And great news about your neighbor!


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