This vacation is been fun.....

First my sils were here for Gulu's birthday, followed soon by my brother, sil and valiamma.
The icing on the cake is, I have escaped to my mom's place for a whole week!Yippee!

And what have I been up to, you ask? Yapping all day long, catching up on all the news, views and more....

Ya, really just like is news, more views, opinions, hot debates galore!

And it is going to be rounded off with guess what?

A shopping trip!

Only....poor R is moping at home, he thought he would enjoy the peace, but
the silence is killing him!


  1. Woww! Sounds perfect ... not so much for R no :P :P

  2. Perfection! parties, eating, shopping and time with mom! Yay! enjoy every minute and don't worry R will be fine and he would be glad for the silence once you are back

  3. Sounds just lovely. Enjoy your time away. Katie


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