A relative's son passed his Twelfth grade

with flying colours....he got 95.5%......

Obviously everyone is thrilled. He happens to have a mixed parentage, his Dad is a Non- Brahmin and his mother is a Brahmin. I guess you are wondering why that should matter in this case.....

Well, my relative was telling me his marks and I happened to comment that he must have got his Dad's genes, for he works for a hospital, was into scientific research in UK, etc, etc.I guess, its as clear as daylight, from what I say, right?

Guess what she has to say?She says that she would prefer to think he has got his mom's genes, for she is a Brahmin and non brahmins are not intelligent!!!!!

Talk about discrimination!That too, from someone who is well educated, intelligent (ofcourse, she is a Brahmin, right!)and otherwise quite a nice person!

Irony is, that later in the day, our close friend called up, he was super excited;his daughter also passed her twelfth grade and guess what, with better marks and the icing on the cake, you ask?Both her parents are pucca Non- Brahmins.

Wonder what my relative would have to say to that........

Edited to add:
Only 7 out of the 17 that topped the results were from the forward class and the State first from English medium schools is Anu Asaithambi, again, a Non- Brahmin!


  1. I have heard the brahmins are intelligent quote quite often and it is sad that in this age educated people make such comments. Yes genes matter a bit but hard work and dedication matter a lot more in my opinion


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