At times....

its nerveracking, 2 am, you really wonder why, how (not how, ofcourse lol) and when (ya, thats possible)

sometimes, you wonder if its possible to just forget that there is a word called patience......

then, again, there are times when you feel all warm and gooey, teary eyed, sometimes you feel silly with happiness....

When I look back, there are many decisions I have made with a lot of forethought (and ofcourse, they backfired lol)

Becoming a mother wasnt something I ever thought about as deeply as many do, but hey, this role really rocks (well, most of the time,lol)

It definitely does, when D offers to eat a banana and drink milk as a "surprise for Mother's Day!Lol


  1. D wants to give mom a celebration time,is it not?

  2. There is another side to every coin.

    There will be times when you wonder how drab life was before the two precious one's came along also:-)

  3. well written and yes the Mother's day surprise is the best I would assume


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