And she turned 1......


Yes, Anjana madam crossed a major milestone yesterday!My dear Gulu is one year old! Till the day before, she seemed like a small baby....ofcourse she still is, but all of a sudden, she seems big!All because she is ONE year old now.

At 1, Gulu holds on to support and roams around, runs around on all fours, has a fine temper aka Daddy, screams and screeches as though somebody hit her, when shes not happy, is already a big fan of her sis and also wants everything that she has lol.The admiration is mutual, for her "Akka" loves her to bits (well, most of the time,lol).On her birthday, she decided to be generous and smile at everyone, usually she howls even at the mere sight of another person. She stills thinks I am her all time favourite person and saves her best smiles for me:). I am sure shes going to change her mind soon, for I am the one who shouts!lol

We celebrated by throwing a grand dinner party for all those who "matter" to us:). Both sisters looked really fetching in identical pink frocks with a butterfly to match the cake:)

When I was expecting, I always wondered if it was possible to love another child just as much. I wondered if my love would be "divided". Obviously my fears seem really ridiculous now....if at all , the arrival of another child has only made me love the first one all the more! Gulu has made me feel more like a mother than I did till she came along....somehow, contrary to what most people think (me too), I discovered that I have more patience now than before!I also have begun to be more of a mother to D;this also could be because I am at home now.

My cup is overflowing....I only feel slightly wistful I wish all these aunts,uncles and Daddy dearest were there for D's first bday..... anyway, better now than never!

Heres to many many more, darling! Happy Birthday Gulu!


  1. Belated but bestestest wishes to Gulu and to all of u @ home :)
    Hw I wish I cud c them pretty in pink :)

  2. It's been a year already??? WOW!

    Now i demand pictures. You do not consent when i ask nicely. Send NOW!!

  3. Happy birthday dear Anjana..
    Nivi- very warm, lovely write up..

  4. Happy birthday Gulu girlie! Time does fly fast around lil ones.. Glad you all had a great day. Pictures please...I need to email you and I keep forgetting will do soon - I promise

  5. Belated b'day wishes to Anjana.May all success be on the way of lil one.
    Enjoyed reading a lovely and different b'day post.

  6. Thats sed like a true mother. Seasoned and garnished! Beautiful thots!

    So says my mom, who prefers to comment via email!
    But I was so flattered, I had to put it here, so ahem, I could show off! lol

    Thanks a ton for the best wishes!And all those who want to see fotos, please send me your email id, for I am a bit wary of posting pics here!

    AJCL and AA:The pleasure is all mine!

  7. Heya.. this is my all time fav post of yours.. really really liked it.. enuff to bring me out from under my stone and write a comment here... Really do wish i was there tho... I seem to have this fate to miss both the kiddos' bdays. Do you realize I have been there for only one of Dooby's and obviously none of Gulu's???!!!! Shocking seeing as how I consider myself a doting aunt :):)

  8. A big hug to you and Anjana and of course, the big sis.
    Do you have a nivisnook@somewhere id that I can mail to and get to see the pretty in pink pics?

  9. yes, you can mail me at


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