So I finally stepped out of hibernation....guess what pushed me...

Self admiration....had to be right?

I am sure you folks will put up with my showing off....after all, if you fit into your jeans after ONE year, it is to be shown off
! lol


  1. hey thanks!

    I was so thrilled, that I had an icecream to celebrate!I guess, salad would have been more apt, but doesnt give you the same high!

  2. actually when I typed out the comment, i wanted to add : "may be we should celebrate this epic moment by binging on some fat laden goodies".. its sacrilege to compare icecream and salad..

  3. yay! I was thinking the same thing... how about some chocolate cake and more to celebrate the momentous occasion. I have long ways to go before I can wiggle into my pants.. sigh

  4. oh, Pooh, I read your baking posts and drool all over the keyboard:)
    wish we could celebrate with some of that sinful stuff you keep making!

  5. Woohoo! Thatz the rt way to celebrate :P

  6. I AM jealous..and very very proud of you:-))


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