Profound question aka AJCL

Since I totally lack originality, I am going to copy my dear friend AJCl, with regard to the topic of the post :)

But my profound question is (yep, unlike AJCL, who knows how to provoke our thoughts beautifully, I am going straight to the point lol)

Is it possible for a person to belong to no particular religion? I would like to, thats why.

Pour in your thoughts, please.


  1. Its ur wish no? I follow what my conscience agrees with .. nt just bcoz it is elaborated in any religion :)

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  3. It sure is possible, Nivi.. Of course there will be the so called purists who will have their diktats.. but as long as you know you are right it really doesnt matter..

  4. It is totally possible but in my case I guess pick up the best from all over and follow them and though I still say I belong to "x" religion my practices are my own and my customs/rituals are my own. It is religion adapted to me and my lifestyle. In someways I have my own religion but in other ways I do not follow any religion


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