Its a man's world

I am convinced that some smart man made up all these zillion customs people "have" to follow;

Else, how do you explain buying a ring for the son in law when his father passes away, just because his "hand" lit the funeral pyre?

Buying clothes, sweets and the likes for the whole family for every and I mean every occasion, just because you happen to be the girl's side!

The wedding itself is another whole story altogether!

I tell ya, being a man in the Tam Bram world really rocks!No wonder, they yearn for a boy child and look depressed when its a girl!


  1. A ring?? interesting! Never heard of this custom but as you say none of these customs make sense and they are surely made my men. Why else would anyone think of giving a man a ring at a funeral?

  2. I can write a thesis on all these so called "customs" each dumber than the other.. wonder when we will outgrow them!

  3. The ring thing is way tooo much!

  4. - Totally agree
    - high time we change these so called customs

  5. koli pottu kayikku modaram- thats what they say in Tamil!

    AJCl- Even I can write a thesis on it!lol

    But I was worried that some of us will take it the wrong way:)
    Swaram: Theres a whole lot more- ring is nothing! :)
    Gayatri: Everybody has to want it, but mostly all old people insist and then emotionally blackmail, if we don't agree!

  6. Good post indeed,i always worried abt that meaningless customs we follow


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