I feel like a villianess now....

because I finally told my maid to leave!

Every single week, she was taking a day or two leave(ya she actually had the courage to do so), inspite of my telling her repeatedly not to do so....

Anything I said and there would no effect;so after warning her atleast 5-6 times, I finally decided to call it quits.
I know I did the right thing, but my softy hubby is making me feel like a villianess, because hes asking me to give her another chance! lol

But, I feel, thats the problem we all Indians have as a clan, we are very emotional and we make most of our decisions more with our heart than head.... I kept listening to my heart, each time that the maid would come with yet another sob story, but I finally decided to was time to listen to the grey matter up there

Still, being the typical Indian, that I am, I am now left with a bad feeling in my heart, compounded more by my darling hubby!sigh!

Being a housewife is difficult;going to work was a piece of cake!


  1. LOL U r so rt abt the emotional part :P
    Hope u get a better one soon :D

  2. Me thinks ur decision was quite "non villany"

  3. I know what you're talking about. My maid is a right royal pain. She comes to work everyday - but late. She extremely sloppy...but I don't have the heart to fire her. She gives me one sad story after the other. I'm going to take inspiration from you and give her a good dressing down, and ask her to shape up or quit :)

  4. welcome to my space, chinkurli!
    and I am happy to see that ,y tough decision is useful to someone!


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