A thumb promise...

Have any of you kept one? Its a very "serious" promise, you know? When we were kids, a thumb promise meant that you had to keep it, no matter what.
I was just introducing D to this idea, ofcourse, obviously she was the one making it lol and her promise was to drink "Bournvita" tomorrow morning, although only God knows when this morning will come lol

As we were talking about this, Mil and I started talking about the the time when R and I were kids."Those times" were different, more simple and childhood was definitely a whole lot more fun.

For example, I am not sure many kids these days play Hide n Seek, "Dubba I spice", Kho Kho, Blind Man's Buff etc. I am not sure, although, for I live in an area where there no other kids(thats my pet grouse).

Do tell me if kids still play a lot of simple games, or is it all about TV and video games these days? Also, it would be great to read about the games, you all played in your childhood.


  1. I always tell DD tat we all had a nice time in childhood playing,tat our kids will definitely miss.After school we are only seen streets playing,we had a big company to play all that we want.We plays everything from carrom,cards to cricket,passing the ball,four square chase,paandi,catch me if u can,climbing up badam trees in the temple garden for a snack,going up in those mandapam pillars and sitting on the additional roof,etc,etc., you have triggered all those memories.To tell you how voracious we played it can be explained by this,we just drink the municipal pump water in between game if we were thirsty,as going home wud mean a never come back or a delayed return,where you will miss all the fun when u r back.(sorry for being so long)

  2. I agree Nivi. We had great time playing without ever bothering about the heat, chilness and rain. Fortunately I live in a place where there are lots of Kids and atleatst they play in the evenings and have seen them running around quite a bit. But still our childhood cannot be compare you know.

  3. AA:Wow!Looks like you really had a fun childhood!Sound so exciting that I am envious!

    Nims: Lucky you!We have no kids in this area and living in an Independent house, just makes things worse

  4. Sometimes I think life was bliss, pre- video/computer games and all those hajar channels on teh idiot box..We were a neighbourhood of around 10 houses with 2 kids in each household in almost the same age group and it was a fun couple of years, playing on the roads (kho- kho, lock n key, hopscotch) all time fav.. sigghhh.. awesome days i tell ya

  5. here only:) thank u for asking:)

    no time, been reading your blog, but no time to comment


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