In case youre wondering if I have disappeared into the woodwork....

Nah, I am still here, been reading what everyone else has been writing, just never had the time to leave a refuses to co-operate...dunno why, but she never sleeps beyond half an hour at any given time, which means, I just start putting my thoughts together and think, "Ok, now I shall put them down and voila, theres a big war cry...mebbe shes jealous of the blog as well, shes definitely very jealous of her big Sis, never allows her to sit in my lap, promptly crawls upto me and pushes her away so doggedly that poor D has to oblige!

I mean, just imagine, would you ever think that opening a bathroom door would mean that I would have to forgo lunch! Yep, I opened it ever so softly, but fusspot, immediately opened her eyes and from then on, I was rocking her for half an hour, but she wouldnt go back to sleep....made me think that if I was anyway not going to be able to go to the loo for so long, I might as well have let it "pass" for another half an hour lol, atleast I would have got some work done!

So, I have been upto nothing concrete in the past fortnight, except ofcourse, trying my very best to lose the flab I have collected over the past year...well, I guess I can make a start with last year's "stock", the "lifetime collection" will take another lifetime!lol

But, ahem, (let me blow my trumpet, please, atleast here), I have lost 4 kgs! I am so thrilled that , I guess I spend half the time holding the baby and the other half checking my weight, over and over agin, just to relish the "loss"

Anyway, I hope I dont end up disappearing for another fortnight, unless it means losing another 4kgs, in which case, obviously I dont mind! Lol


  1. Oh Niv,What happened to her suddenly?Its not doing any good to you,but for weight loss,its really long absence,hope she is okie soon.

  2. Congrats, Niv. Here's looking forward to you losing another 4!

  3. woohooo 4 kgs!! way to go.. all the very best for the next 4 :)

  4. Way to go!! You make it seem so easy.. for all the sleepless nights I have been up the past few months I should have disappeared or atleast at a mentionable range!!

    Sending the sleep fairy for the lil one...

  5. hey thanks everyone!
    Pooh:Its easy to take out a fewq spoons of water from the sea, rite? lol


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