I desperately search for the remote....

keep flipping channels, all the while holding baby in one hand;shes trying her best to scream and wriggle out of my grip.....

I look at the screen anxiously, expectantly, look at the display to see how long the current show is on....

You wanna know whats causing this level of hyperactivity? something really mundane and routine...or should be atleast...it just happens to be mealtime for Baby dearest...and yes she deigns to open her pouting mouth, only in two situations...

One:when a cartoon jingle is going on and mind you, only those that are on CBeebies, none of the others will do

Two: When the Adverts are on, in my favourite channel, NDTV Imagine...again no other channel will do and ofcourse, it has to be her favourite ad!

Well, whoever coined the phrase "You have to have the patience of a Saint", never met an average mother of 2! LOL

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. baby param ate half a dosa after checking out the crows in our backyard...
    have you tried that yet?
    and i can post replies on your site from this comp. in India. wow!!!

  2. wow!
    happy to c u here!
    No, Mim, crows dont help...I have a big terrace, have tried it many times, buy Madmoiselle is not impressed!

  3. Ha ha .. happy channel-hopping ;)

  4. Nivs.. where have u gone off again?? hope allz well :)


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