You know ...

my singing skills arent exactly up "there", when the older one clamps my mouth and the lil one pouts and proceeds to cry, when I began to sing a lullaby!

Sigh!! And here I thought, at least my kids would be biased! lol!

I began to sing "Dil to baccha hain ji" from Ishqiya and both were suitably unhappy!

But the song is simply lovely!Please check it out!


  1. Me love this song too... its my current "in loop song.." heres another one you might like.. dont mind the video.. the guy who created it may have been a bit flaky but the song is lovely

  2. its not u Nivi, may be its the choice of the song.. u have gotta keep up with the generation's taste u know..

  3. Anindita: Nits, this song is also lovely!I knew you would comment on a music post! :)

    AJCL: You got a point lol, mebbe I should have sung "desi girl" and I would have been in business :)

  4. Do let us know the reaction when u sing desi girl ;)
    I luv 'Dil to bachcha hai ji' too :)


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